Stiller Coffee by Søren Stiller

Hver kaffebønne er ristet forskelligt, hverken lys, mellem eller mørk - men så du kan smage den stedlige karakteristika i din kaffe. Vi har bevidst valgt at få vores bær plukket med et højt sukker indhold, hvilket bidrager til sødme og fyldighed.

 In 2012, I established my own coffee bar and named it Great Coffee– simple as that Great Coffee – referring to the consistent high quality of coffee that I want to serve inside.  As from the moment you enter the bar, you enter the process of coffee making. The intense smell of coffee, the industrial look and the highly organised way of working make you realise that this is not an ordinary coffee bar. It’s a laboratory where I experiment with coffee and emphasize terroir by using different brew methods to enhance the flavours. The whole concept is a reflexion of my vision as Master Roaster – the visualisation of craftsmanship.  It starts at the roaster, which is a part of the shop. Roasting happens during the opening hours. In here the motto applies ‘what you see is what you get’.  There is a range of choice between coffee origins and brewing methods. So, the costumer gets to understand that one variety differs from another and that coffee can be tasted in many different ways.  The next remarkable thing is the organisation of the bar. Me and my staff work on a lowered, open bar to make the process visual. Depending on what the costumer likes, a coffee gets chosen and brewed à la minute: the roasting, grinding and brewing happens within his sight. There is expertise on a high level in every segment of the process.

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